sábado, 5 de julio de 2014


Hair:    :ILLMATIC :: Frenchie - Noir (unpacked)  

Skin:   ryuukou  suvari caffe la nuit  New  ❤ 

LipGloss:  Pink Acid Shimmer Summer Lip Gloss -   Manga Fair Exclusives  New  ❤ 

Pendientes:   (EARRING SINGLE-HORNE)   -RYCA-   New  ❤ 

Pulseras: New Release (BRACELET ICED-SPIKE) RYCA-   New  ❤ 

Lazo Cuello: [CA] Unisex Candy Drippy Neck Bows Lavender  Manga Fair  New  ❤ 

Lazos Coletas: [CA] Candy Drippy Head Bows Mint Manga Fair  New  ❤ 

Girafa: :FY: Cutie Patootie Giraffes GACHA @ MANGA FAIR

Top:   :FY: Avia Bandeau (pack 01) @ CANDY SHOP New  ❤ 

Pantlon:  [CA] Low Low Jeans Light+ All Appliers Manga Fair  New  ❤ 

Chaqueta: [CA] Kokeshi Gladiators Teal (Slink High)  Manga Fair  New  ❤ 

Zapatos: [CA] Kokeshi Gladiators Teal (Slink High) Manga Fair  New  ❤ 

Poses:  [CA] Cassidy Pose Pack     @fi*Friday     

Hands/feet: Slink  

Cat Summer

Hair: +*Badu*+.Black&Silver [MS]   New  ❤ 

Skin:  ryuukou  suvari caffe la nuit  New  ❤ 

LipGloss:  Pink Acid Shimmer Summer Lip Gloss -   Manga Fair Exclusives  New  ❤ 

Diadema:  .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Cat Headband  (for blogger) (unpacked)

Pendientes:  (EARRING SINGLE-HORNE)   -RYCA-   New  ❤ 

Pulseras:   New Release (BRACELET ICED-SPIKE) RYCA-   New  ❤ 

Movil:   [CA] Unisex Angel Wings Phone Sky Manga Fair 2014   New  ❤ 

Top: ---->Milano l v1  -idented-      Lyfe of Style    New  ❤ 

Panties:  ---->Milano l Panties  -idented-     Lyfe of Style  New  ❤ 

Medias:  :FY: Thigh Corsets (solid darks)  Manga Fair 2014   New  ❤ 

Zapatos:   ---->Pressure Group Gift -idented-    GG Free❤ 

Hands/feet: Slink   

bubble gun

Hair:  +Spellbound+ Forgotten // Brunettes {WEAR}  ❤ 

Skin:.::WoW Skins::. Ines Bronze FATPACK   New  ❤ 

LipGloss:    Pink Acid  Overly Done Light Lip Gloss  + Theshops App. Pack <3

Top:  !HR 3.0)!      Bedazzled Crop (Lime)  New  ❤ 

Falda: ::LC:: Clear Skater Skirt [Violet] NO ALPHA   Manga Fair 2014   New  ❤ 

Pantalon: ::LC:: Brief [white]   Manga Fair 2014   New  ❤ 

Pistola: *Tentacio* beach season gacha   OMG!- Oh My Gacha Venue New  ❤ 

Caracoles: *Tentacio* Racing snails  Level Up - Racing Games,   New  ❤ 

Pulseras:  New Release (BRACELET ICED-SPIKE) RYCA-   New  ❤ 

Zapatos:    Bens Boutique -   Tropicano High Heel mint-mix   14 shoes colors New  ❤ 

Hands/feet: Slink   

viernes, 4 de julio de 2014


Hair: (Milana) Ariana - Light Blondes   New  ❤ 

Corona Flores:  Liquence . - F1 in Genetics  ❤ 

Skin:  IAF Destiny Skin (Dark) (With Appliers) @NAUGHTY NITCH FAIR New  ❤ 

LipGloss:   Pink Acid Shimmer Summer Lip Gloss - Plum  Manga Fair Exclusives  New  ❤ 

Collar + Pendientes:    [7891.] 

Bolso: *Tentacio* beach season gacha OMG!- Oh My Gacha Venue New  ❤ 

Pulseras:   New Release (BRACELET ICED-SPIKE) RYCA-   New  ❤ 

Vestido: IAF Mercy Dress (Beige) (With Appliers)  @NAUGHTY NITCH FAIR

Zapatos: IAF Studded Wedge Shoe (Yellow) @NAUGHTY NITCH FAIR

Hands/feet: Slink   

jueves, 3 de julio de 2014


Hair:  *Milk* Hair~Chatterbox  GG

Skin: ItGirls - Slink Visage Applier - Tan  New  ❤ 

LipGloss:  Pink Acid Shimmer Summer Lip Gloss - Plum  Manga Fair Exclusives  New  ❤ 

Pulseras: New Release (BRACELET ICED-SPIKE) RYCA-   New  ❤ 

Vestido:PICHI - JADE Strapless Dress [tropical]   @ The Couturies Docks New  ❤ 

Sandalias: PICHI - Jodene Flats [black]   THE SUMMER FASHION FESTIVAL ~ New  ❤ 

Poses:  :!HR 3.0)!   The Rookie Pose Pack New  ❤ 

Hands/feet: Slink   

miércoles, 2 de julio de 2014


Hair:(Milana) Ariana - Light Blondes   New  ❤ 

Skin: PELLE SKIN - BARBARA skin EBONY  with make up  New  ❤ 

LipGloss:  !*Pink Acid   Eyelashes & Creme Lips - Banana Bread  ❤ 

Pulseras:  New Release (BRACELET ICED-SPIKE) RYCA-   New  ❤ 

Bolso :Pink acid Summer Of Love Summer Moon Mesh Coin Clutch ALL Pack  Summer of love fair  New  ❤ 

Vestido:[CA] Elle Mini Dress Violet +WowMeh,Phat azz & Lolas Applier  @fi*Friday     

Medias: ::LC:: Here Kitty Socks -textured for slink feet   Manga Fair 2014   New  ❤ 

Zapatos: IAF Patent Heels - High Slink Feet (Lime)   @soho market   New  ❤ 

Hands/feet: Slink   


Hair: pr!tty - Elle - .Fatpack. (Group Exclusive)  Aviso Grupo! Free

Skin: Pink Acid Skin Jakki - Butterscotch Color Pack  ALL Apps  Manga Fair Exclusives  New  ❤ 

Lipgloss: Pink Acid Shimmer Summer Lip Gloss - Plum  Manga Fair Exclusives  New  ❤ 

Gafas:  SUNGLASSES TRC25 GOLD  -RYCA-   New  ❤ 

Pendientes:  (EARRING SINGLE-HORNE)   -RYCA-   New  ❤ 

Collar:  Pure Poison - Gold Skeleton Hand Necklace {wear only} GG Free

Anillos:  RING KCK TRIPLE GOLD   -RYCA-   New  ❤ 

Monedero:  Pink Acid Animal Friend Coin Clutch Manga Fair Exclusives  New  ❤ 

Body: insight. Izzie Swimsuit.  [Wear me]  @fi*Friday     

Pantalon:  !HR 3.0)!    Erika Leggums (Garden) New  ❤ 

Zapatos:  Bens Boutique - Valerie Platform All colors (Slink High Feet)  New  ❤ 

Hands/feet: Slink   

martes, 1 de julio de 2014


Hair: MOON{Hair}. Tied to Me - ALL Free GG

Skin: Pink Acid Skin Jakki - Mocho Choco Color Pack  ALL Apps  Manga Fair Exclusives  New  ❤ 

LipGloss: Pink Acid Jakki Lip Gloss - Barbee Doll Manga Fair Exclusives  New  ❤ 

Top: !HR 3.0)!  Zap Crop (Red)  New  ❤ 

Falda:!HR 3.0)!  Casual Mini Skirt (Red)  New  ❤ 

Monedero:  Pink Acid Animal Friend Coin Clutch   Manga Fair Exclusives  New  ❤ 

Zapatos:  ---->Wired l Yellow  -idented-    New  ❤ 

Poses:  [CA] :Felicity Pose Pack::    New  ❤ 

Hands/feet: Slink